Bad Neighbor – Part 1

Story time with Mason continues.

EDIT – i will probably edit this a more then a few times as i read, re-reead, re-re-read and re-re-re-reead some more. apologies for run on sentences, comma splicing, other grammatical an and language failures

If you’ve kept up with my twitter account you would know that my Girlfriend and I recently changed apartments. What either of us havent tweeted about and what i will talk about here is why we moved.

we moved across town because we had to get away from the harassment of our downstairs neighbors.

Harassment you say? but Mason you are so good at communicating with people and are such a nice guy (generally) how could you possibly have neighbors mad at you?

Because i’m fat, my GF is husky and we both live above a family who really was not happy with us being above them. we’ve lived in the new apartment for about a week and i feel like its safe to share all of this with you.

Warning: there are next to no LOLs to be had with this. i’m just writing it all out to keep a record.

So, in order to start at the beginning, travel with me back in time, to a time before there was even time. Oh shit.. too far back, nobody wants to see Dino on Dino action, we actually just need to go back about 11 months. The summer of 2015. In anticipation of me moving up to Seattle in August, my girlfriend had found an amazing apartment for us to live in. she moved in first and got the place running before i joined her in in August.
I moved in the first few days of August and hung out in the apartment for about a month before i got a new job working as a Datacenter Technician. The position required me to get up at 4:30AM in order to be ready and at work on time.
About half way through September is when we got the first letter. Unfortunately the letter has been misplaced  I do remember most of the content though. They were… concerned and unhappy with the amount of noise we were making above them.

In the letter, the downstairs neighbors wanted to let us know that we were making a large amount of noise, especially at 4:30AM when i was up and getting a shower and getting dressed. They were.. well annoyed seems putting it nicely.

Of course we aren’t doing it on purpose, we’re just trying to get along with our new lives.
I suggested Roxy write them a nice letter back explaining to them that we weren’t trying to be assholes or anything.

When we got a second letter. The neighbor thanked us for responding back to them and being polite and explaining things to them. She (i’m assuming the wife wrote all of them, also i will refer to her as fem!neighbor from now on) pointed out that the previous tenants had started deliberately causing noises because they were disgusted with the fact that she was a young african american woman returned back from duties overseas and was married to a white man. They were concerned that we were basically doing the same thing. Apparently the previous tenants had done a lot to annoy the previous tennants (jumping off shit to deliberately damage the floors, slamming cabinets, etc)

I’ve attached the second letter
Second Letter From Neighbors

I’ve attached Girlfriends written response.
Gilrfriends Response

we got them a plate of cookies and a card that said ‘Sorry your neighbors were racist pricks, we really aren’t. have a cookie’

At this point, the Girlfriend exchanged contact info with downstairs neighbor and everything seemed Hunky Dory and smelled of Roses.

All of this happened by November, we had reached a happy equilibrium. Girlfriend and Fem!neighbor continued to text back and forth every once in awhile. we tried to do grownup adult things with them but those never worked out because fem!neighbor was disabled and had limited movement. I started discussing with GF that we needed to move to another place because this was only going to get worse.

After the second letter, we contacted our apartment complex  and voiced concerns over the floors and the noise we were inadvertently causing because of them.  They sent out a maintenance man to check our floors and his comment was that there wasnt anything wrong with the floors. the squeaking he heard was within normal levels.
We were fine with this and communicated everything we had heard with fem!neighbor and we moved on.


Several months later we got another letter from fem!neighbor at the end of March. She was angry.

I’ve attached the third letter
Third Letter From Neighbors

I responded back with a much less angry response including my contact information and asked them to keep in touch with us rather then let everything fester and blow up.

I’ve attached my written response.
My Response back

At this point Girlfriend reveals to me that her texts messages from fem!neighbor have become angrier and angrier. she was worried i would react badly and didn’t want me to be stressed. my response is ‘Find us a new place to move too and we’ll go’

We contacted management again to have them check out the floor again and cited the letters from our neighbor as evidence that something was wrong. Unfortunately we werent home this time to show them what we were trouble spots.
They of course found nothing and we didn’t find out they found nothing until a month afterwards when fem!neighbor confronted my girlfriend in the parking lot for 40 minutes to rant at her about the noise.
I’m an easy going guy, i put the passive in passive agressive most times. Fortunately for everyone involved before i could make everything worse Girlfriend has found a new place that was opening up at the start of june and would be ready for us to move as our current lease was ending and it was owned and operated by the same company as owned and operated our current apartment complex.


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