My current video game obsession. Warframe

I originally started playing Warframe on my Xbox back when it first came out on console to give it a whirl. played a few of the frames, made some friends, eventually moved on to other games. *cough* Destiny, Division, Diablo 3, FFXIV etc et al*/cough*

Recently i thought to give it a try again on PC after deciding i wanted to focus my free time primarily on PC gaming verse console gaming. i had heard nice things about Warframes changes since i had first tried it on console and i wanted to give it a whirl.
Needless to say i was hooked from the first cut scene involving Captain Vor attempting to enslave you. i loved the improved intro fact the game rewarded you every day just for logging in. i found myself logging in every day after 5:00PM just to get that daily reward and to see what cool stuff i was going to get when i hit a milemark (like day 50, 100, 150 etc).
from there its snowballed.
Now i’m just past the 300day mark, Rank 16 and still going strong as Plains of Eidolan looms on the Horizon.

Doing new things

So after Tesla and i had left our last guild, i made a promise to myself that whatever free company we did join. i would make an effort to do more as a tank. step up and tank more of the harder 8 Man content rather then just do some roulletes and log off.

Tanked about 10 Primal Extreme fights tonight for guild members, including Ramuh, Leviathan, Ultima and Garuda. Managed to get a Garuda pony out of all those fights. Plus my counter for Tankless Job Dark knight went up 10 points.