Bad Neighbor – Part 1

Story time with Mason continues.

EDIT – i will probably edit this a more then a few times as i read, re-reead, re-re-read and re-re-re-reead some more. apologies for run on sentences, comma splicing, other grammatical an and language failures

If you’ve kept up with my twitter account you would know that my Girlfriend and I recently changed apartments. What either of us havent tweeted about and what i will talk about here is why we moved.

we moved across town because we had to get away from the harassment of our downstairs neighbors.

Harassment you say? but Mason you are so good at communicating with people and are such a nice guy (generally) how could you possibly have neighbors mad at you?

Because i’m fat, my GF is husky and we both live above a family who really was not happy with us being above them. we’ve lived in the new apartment for about a week and i feel like its safe to share all of this with you.

Warning: there are next to no LOLs to be had with this. i’m just writing it all out to keep a record.

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