Eulogy for the greatest idiotic dog ever.

Originally i set out to start writing this on Monday and then spend all week writing up a series of posts about my dog Ra who has been a part of my life for the best parts of the last 15 years. Reality kicked in and I’ve been so busy i just haven’t had the time too. So rather then five small posts, i plan to write just one big one.

Ra Nylholm Larsen (yes this is really whats on his paperwork) otherwise known as Ra, Ra-Dog, Cow-Dog, ‘You Stupid Mother Fucking dog’ and ‘omg how are you not dead’ adopted my family shortly after we moved to New Mexico. At the time we lived in a double wide trailer next to our house that was in the process of being built. My father came home one day and noticed this black and white mutt running around the in process house. He paid it no mind thinking that the dog belonged to one of the construction workers. As the construction workers began to pack up, he was surprised when after he casually called out ‘hey, don’t forget your dog’ one of them responded back with ‘he’s not ours, we thought he was yours.’ A few days later, Ra was a part of our lives. He was so skinny that you could see his ribs and we took a shine to him immediately trying to shove as much food down his happy gullet as we possibly could. We ended up naming him Ra after the Egyptian sun god for his arrival with the sun that morning.
We never really discovered what kind of dog he was, Collie and Healer mix with some other dog genetics in there to just to confuse the issue. He was a herding dog though, that showed up pretty quickly when he’d tried to herd us around the yard and on his daily walks. He also loved to roam and considering the size of my parents back yard he got to do that a lot. in fact his roaming ended up causing a rift with my neighbors for a few years when our other dog followed him over and caused the death of one of their dogs. (story for another time). Ra was fiercely protective of us, roaming my parents property and keeping all the coyotes away. in fact on more then one occasion we would step outside to see Ra chasing one or two coyotes over a hill only to watch him get chased back over the hill by the same Coyotes. This would repeat itself on more then one occasion.
life with Puppy Ra was never boring, we quickly learned that he had no problems chewing anything and everything. When Christmas time comes around we still don’t hang any ornaments or Christmas lights below about 3 feet from the floor because he considers them fair game. That damn dog chewed on everything. I’m still puzzled how he survived chewing through so many Christmas lights and computer power cords without dying from being electrocuted. Seriously, he’s like a terminator dog or something. sent back to chew on electrical cables to prevent john connor from being born.

I’m actually having a hard time keeping this going, i have a few other stories about Ra that i think people will enjoy so i might post them up later today. In the meantime, have some photos of him i took recently from my iPhone.

IMG_0239 IMG_0238 IMG_0236

IMG_0242 IMG_0240 IMG_0243

I’m sorry you have to go Ra, i love you and have enjoyed every single second of the 15 years we had together. you will be missed, /salute